Established in 2016, we are a highly motivated and service-driven company with great knowledge and experience in domestic and industrial water purification solutions, Industrial food & beverage, and Agricultural process solutions.


We partnered up with well-known import specialists in the medical and retail industry after the COVID19 outbreak, March this year in South Africa. Though the outbreak sparked extreme alarm in every industry known, we stayed focussed on our existing product range within water safety. Surprisingly, we received more and more calls from our clients interested in protective gear.


Customer service is important to us, so we did not hesitate to assist in procuring the necessary items for our clients. Interestingly, we already had trusted relationships in place to deliver.


Due to the high demand for PPE from our clients, we decided to keep adding value and service whilst incorporating PPE in our future service and product range without discarding our existing water projects or products.


We plan to be around for years to come, we are not just “fad-chasers” in order to make a quick buck. We pride ourselves in excellent service and the personal touch that speaks to each generation.


We have only chosen to work with the best importers and manufacturers in the market. Be sure to watch our site, as we promise new upcoming innovation!

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