& enhancer

Launching soon in retail stores


Product information:

Case studies have shown that our Water Purifier & Enhancer not only purifies water but may possess cell regenerating properties.


  • Pocket-size and ready to bag

  • Kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, including waterborne

  • Eco-friendly, all elements derived from nature - non-toxic

  • May be used topically to sterilize cuts and injuries


Feedback from our clients:​

  • Overall Energy booster

  • Immune support enhancer - Clients boast that they get ill less often

  • Mental alertness - fights fatigue during exam time

  • Helps maintain an ideal weight

  • Improves digestion

Directions of use: 2 Drops in 1 Litre of water, shake/ stir well

Kids under age 6: Add 1 drop in 1 Litre of water


Promotes a Healthy Lifestyle

1.Large Scale Wastewater treatment products:

Organic rehabilitation Products:

- Wastewater plants

- Public toilets

- Industrial (Mining) wastewater rehabilitation 

2. Agricultural Products:

- Dairy farming:

Rehabilitating mastitis

- Citrus Farming:

Organic Irrigation Solutions, assisting with longer shelf-life

- Pig Farming:

Natural water recovery =  healthier animals. 

- Plant & Soil: Ensuring fertility in preparation for the sowing season. Removes airborne diseases.

3. Pool, Dam & River Water Recovery Products:

Results in less than 48 hours

Benefits include but not limited to:


Purifies Water: Sterilizes & Disinfects

Process Removes Heavy Metals

Recycling of purified water for agricultural purposes

Replaces Chlorine 

Water Tank purifier

& enhancer

Launching soon in Retail Stores


Product information:

Our Tank Purifier and Enhancer is SANS 241 approved purifier formulated specifically for water storage tanks, water mainly used for gardening, landscaping and general purifying of water stored in tanks.


  • Cost-effective 

  • User-friendly and simple

  • Kills 99.9% of all harmful bacteria, including waterborne

  • Eco-friendly, all elements derived from nature - non-toxic

  • Overall and general healthy garden, obtained naturally


Feedback from our clients:​

  • Clients boast about luscious lawn and blooming gardens

  • Happy herb-planting clients compliment the products ability to deliver larger produce

Directions of use:

20ml Rainwater Purifier and Enhancer Purifies 500L of Rainwater

More products coming soon!

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